Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Let them have their cake

I have been reading a lot of blogs and forums lately with heated discussions on why you should/shouldn't use Asp.Net MVC over Asp.Net Webforms. Starting to get a little tired of it all now as it's turned into the same sort of debates that happened when RoR hit the market. Although it's fun to note that (for once) this discussion can't devolve into the obligatory microsoft == CRAP shit fight.

I'm as used to rejection as the next IT nerd, so guys if people don't want to use your beloved MVC, get over it! MVC will grow and prosper regardless of whether EVERY Asp.Net Webforms developer starts using it. Let's just concentrate on making MVC a better product instead of trying to convince the naysayers to convert.

I must admit i was wary of things like Tag Soup, dealing with raw HTML/HTTP, etc as I've mostly done Asp.Net Webforms with a little Perl and RoR on the side. But the difficulty in utilizing these concepts is nothing compared to dealing with Page Lifecycle, View State, obfuscated element ids, etc, etc, etc.

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